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You, too, can be a published scientist!

Straight from my gmail spam folder, the other side of the coin: solicitations for publications.

Phishing Phor Papers

Now that’s an enthusiastic Greetings!!! usually reserved for people promising me miracle drugs. Nigerian barristers tend to be more somber, which is reasonable given that they are usually informing me of the passing of previously unheard of (but very dear, and very illegitimately rich) relatives.

I sure am glad I am one of the “selective scientists” they have chosen! I don’t think they’ll consider this post “excellent work,” but whaddareyagonnado.

Jeffrey Beall maintains a list of what he kindly calls “Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers” at Beall’s list. If you are considering submitting work to a journal or publisher you haven’t heard of before, you should use his list as a starting point and do some research on your potential publisher. Unsurprinsingly, today’s correspondents are on his list.


One reply on “You, too, can be a published scientist!”

I didn’t mention this explicitly but this is also an Open Access journal. The fact that you’ll have to pay fees at some point during the editorial process is carefully omitted from the email.

Also, I love the “Managing Editor” signature. Such a classy personal touch.

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