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Part four in my Electric Car series.

Like many nerds who just made a big purchase, I sat down the next day to read even more about the Mach E. Despite the lousy dealership experience (in part my fault, I don’t know why I had any expectations), I was looking forward to getting the car and enjoying it.

Several articles, and even a few YouTube reviews in (I don’t like the latter much), I stumbled upon a review that mentioned something I didn’t realize. The standard-range battery model of the Mach E, even with AWD, has 80 less HP than the extended-range model. I understand how that can be, but it was weird. How did I not see it before? I rechecked Ford’s specs.

Yup, there it was. How’d I miss it?

So now, I was waiting six months (theoretically; who actually knows?) for a car I already had bad feelings about, I was suddenly paying the same amount for 80 HP less than I was getting in my head. Although nothing had changed, I was suddenly getting a non-discount. An upcount? Anchoring, it’s a real problem!

Too much.

Time to revisit the other options.

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