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I still dislike AT&T, but I use it again

A long time ago, I abandoned AT&T for the crimson-tinted waters of Comcast. They offered faster service, and they didn’t directly try to hoist a fraudulent contract on me.

However, AT&T came around about a year ago with an offer a nerd can’t resist. Symmetrical, uncapped, 1 Gbps residential fiber-to-the-home. No strings attached. No requirements to use their video anything. Just sweet, sweet, fast data.

I called Comcast to ask if they could do anything beyond the meager 30 Mbps upload (or so; I forget) I had. They couldn’t. I switched.

The service, it pains me to say, has worked phenomenally well so far. It regularly speedtests at 930 mbps up and down. It’s been a lifesaver in these “work and learn from home” times.

Their mandatory home gateway doesn’t have a true bridge mode and is therefore hot garbage, but I can live with it. Other than that, I like it, and it works as advertised.

They even sent me a letter recently saying HBO Max was now included with the fiber service, so I ditched my independent subscription.

Haven’t had to talk to a rep, which makes me happy.

With HBO, taxes, fees, etc. and without asking for special discounts, I pay about $90/mo. I find it very well worth it.