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Part 11 in my Electric Car series (“The Electrilliad“)

I’m a scientist and I firmly believe in a rational world, where most -not all, mind you, but most- phenomena can be explained rationally. Murphy’s Law, though, is difficult to ignore.

It is, of course, Murphy’s Law that’s on my mind, because after a week of chasing support ghosts and finally persuading them to the their job, the car healed overnight. Somewhere, somehow, a watchdog timer reset something, or a capacitor finally discharged completely.

Yup, you can haz connectivityburger

Yes, the maps and Google Assistant now work fine.

Google Maps being all mappy

Not everything works. The USB ports in the center console still don’t actually seem to connect to the infotainment system, and I still can’t do the Phone-as-key dance. But I recovered the functionality I had when I got the car, so that’s a major improvement. Even better, perhaps we can now do an Over-The-Air firmware update instead of having to send it all the way to Austin.

Despite being irked with Polestar support for what looks to all the world like giving me the runaround, I don’t want to waste their resources. I’ll call them first thing tomorrow and see if we really need to do the tow truck dance.