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An invitation to become an editor, or perhaps a flower

I can honestly say that I’ve never thought of myself as a flower.

Perhaps that’s why an invitation to join the editorial board of a journal in “the bouquet of STM JOURNALS” [sic] doesn’t really speak to me.

Or perhaps it’s because STM is on Beall’s list, and their invitation doesn’t quite ring true. It has the same hallmarks as my previous post. To wit,

  1. Ego service: “we are happy to know about you, your rich experience and the areas of interests/ scientific work, that encompass to a big extent. We shall really feel fortunate by having you as an editor; your joining will certainly enhance our expert representation in the esteemed editorial board. “
  2. Please give us content: “We shall also be grateful to you, if you could contribute review article (s). We prefer, review articles commissioned by us i.e. to include the contributions arising from the editorial board/ publication management team- members of the Journal.”
  3. No mention whatsoever of the fact that these are Open Access journals. I’m sure it was just an innocent omission.
  4. A journal with a scope so broad as to be nonsensical (and with misspelled terms, to boot). See below.

Now THAT'S scope


Of course, these aren’t my areas of expertise. I’ve never published in any of these. That’s no problem, though: I’m invited to peruse the (no doubt) fragrant bouquet of journals and settle on one, buzzy bee that I am.

Wait, I thought I was a flower.

I’m confused.